Selected Transactions

Our broad spectrum of nationwide assets typically numbers over 500 and covers the full range from a partly finished structure in a tertiary location to a prime office in central Lisbon.

Castilho 50

R. Castilho 50, 1250-071 Lisboa
  • Office Refurbishment
  • Size: 12 000 sqm
  • Transaction Completed (2020)

Caldas Terrace

Av. Timor Lorosae, 2500-009 Caldas
  • Residential Re-development
  • Size: 12 000 sqm
  • Transaction Completed (2020)

Talaíde Park

  • Re-modeling for PRS
  • Size: 128 000 sqm
  • Under Development (2022)


Vale da Amoreira Faro, Algarve
  • Mixed-use Campus
  • Size: 160 000 sqm
  • Under Development (2021)


Av. Duque D´Avila 171-172, 1050-083 Lisboa
  • Luxury Residential Refurbishment
  • Size: 6 000 sqm
  • Under Development (2022)


R. Dos Heróis e Martires de Angola 49, Porto
  • Multi-use Building
  • Size: 20 703 sqm
  • Transaction Completed (2021)
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