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Finangeste provides a bespoke internship program for young professionals interested in entering the world of Real Estate Private Equity, Asset management, and Development.

The objective of the program is to provide each candidate with all of the necessary tools to formulate and decide her own future career path and objectives with the added possibility of joining Finangeste as a full-time team member.
Each intern will have the opportunity to work in each of the seven departments of the company with each Department Head providing technical and functional training in their respective Department’s processes and work-flows. Interns will also have the opportunity to work closely with the President of Finangeste where they will learn about life skills and morals, career positioning and motivation, as well as participate in real-life negotiations as well as ongoing live transactions. For those seeking an international experience, Finangeste can access its international partner networks for relevant placements at other international real estate focused firms.
The program is geared towards candidates aged 21 to 30 typically completing their final year of university or post-graduate programs. Each internship typically lasts four months, up to a total of 12 months for those who successfully complete each four month internship. In exceptional circumstances, an additional two year program may be available to work directly with the President while the intern completes his full or part-time education.

All internships are paid according to age and skill level. Finangeste invests significant time and resources to provide future generations with the best possible work experience as they formulate and finalise their future career paths.

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